[Req] Add a object.lodDistance()

since all objects are having the distance from camera calculated each frame, expose this property to the user, as it will be handy for… Everything?

or are only the items in the camera clipping plane calculated?

Can you please remove the [Dev] prefixes from all of your feature request threads?

That moniker should be reserved for threads covering actual ongoing Blender development that’s already either in Master or in a patch or a branch. This is a feature request that currently has no related source code edits in Blender itself. I recall you’ve already been told once.

If you do this then it will reduce confusion in the long run, thanks.

LOD-> kupoman -> DEV

LOD- Calculates distance for each object with lod from camera EVERY FRAME

asking to expose property used in code


requesting the exposing of a property that already exists is not a feature request,

it’s good coding, to do getDistanceTo(EVERY item with lod) every frame does not make sense,
if the distance is already calculated every frame

Also, does it not make good sense?

what should I do?





I agree with Ace that [DEV] kind of feels like a tag for game engine development related features that tend toward information about features being added or a build or something. Just making a normal thread asking for a feature (or a discussion about it) and “tagging” it [DEV] is a bit unnecessary; you could just leave the thread “untagged” like normal threads.

Anyway, your idea isn’t a bad one - it could be useful to get the information of what distances Blender’s LOD is set to and the corresponding meshes to transform to. It might also be good to allow Python to write to that list to change the LOD meshes and values as necessary (not sure if that’s necessary or possible).

Asking one of the developers to implement something that’s not there yet is completely different from announcing that someone actually has a patch or a commit that makes changes to the source code.

People will see the prefix and think you made a patch that adds the feature in the title, then get disappointed that it’s only a request. You have stated before that you’re learning to compile Blender, if you start making patches for the source yourself soon after, then you can use the moniker to announce them (with a link to the file or a build of course).

The code is already there almost,

I have to crack open the source to see his code, and I don’t know enough,

I don’t think it hurts anyone to ask for this…


I agree, just remove the prefix or replace it with [Req], it’s not hard to do and people will still read the thread.

Agreed :smiley: