REQ: Problem running Blender 2.65

Hi Guys

Sorry if this was covered before, I did a search on google and all blender forums, didn’t find a solution to this problem.

I have blender 2.64 and all previews versions working fine, when upgrading to 2.65 the application crashes with “Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error”

I followed all suggestions, installed every MSVCRuntime Library known to man. from 2008 to 2012, still the same error. I don’t have any other language installed on the device, it’s default english. On mac it runs fine, on Linux it runs fine, except on Windows 8.

The error message doesn’t give much information on the reason the crash is happening, beside “This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way”

The console is reporting the following error: Fatal Python error: Failed to initialise Windows random API <CryptoGen>

Can anyone please shed some light why is this happening and how to solve it?

Thanks in advance


I had the same problem but i deleted all the python enviromental paths and it started to work. Because first I changed the name of the Python33 folder to Python26 and it ran after that. Try to delete the enviromental paths: right click my computer - the lowest option from the left side and then enviromental settings.