Request Advice Skinning Shoulders on Rig

I have been practicing rigging a character model of my own creation, and I am struggling to comprehend the relationships of the various bones around the shoulder.

I have attached the target pose. As you can see, there is some work to do, particularly in the shoulders and forearms. I’d like to focus on the shoulders. I have also attached various views of the painted weights and the wireframe.

Any advice on improving either the mesh or the weight paint is appreciated!


Your poses just need a little tweaking to smooth out the shoulder movement. I would use some corrective shape keys to do that and either use some helper bones to drive the shapes, or custom properties or a switchboard panel to get the final refinement. Just “monkey” around with those. You can also normalize your weights and attempt to refine the shapes in pose a little, but what you have may be enough to work with the shape keys rather than try to adjust for all possible positions. Shoulders are hard to get right. If all that fails, you might try using a mesh deform cage similar to the one for Blenrig that Juan Pablo Bouza created. Take a look at that to see how he did the shoulders. Topology looks good. I wish I got that good of topology to rig.

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You should add another bone in between the clavicule and the arm. So your arm 'll count two bones.then you could compensate the arm twist with the second one near the elbow called (roll bone). That s a common technique used for this kind of situation. You could do the same thing for forearms and wrist also for up leg.

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:slight_smile: Thanks @stilltrying for the Blenrig info. The trailer for it sure is exciting!

I’ve not tried any of these other ideas (shape keys, helper bones, mesh deform) before, but I think it’s high time to do so.

Thanks for the compliment on the topology. It is definitely the best I’ve done so far. This is one subdivision level from my primary mesh. I wonder if I really need it.

Thanks @skuax. I tried using bendy-bones in the forearm to accomplish the “roll” affect, based on a tutorial I found on Pluralsight. It is not working for me the way it worked for him… I think maybe subdivided bones would be more reliable. Does this make posing by FK harder?

Not at all . If you wanna be sure the second bone to roll only on Y. Use bone constraint .

Or you can use drivers also to make the 1st Y bone roll’s rotation the half or the second bone.