Request: Collada 1.4 exporter - second UV set

Hi there,

I tried to export from Blender 2.49b a Collada file with the illusoft exporter (which hasn’t been updated for a while) with a second UV channel. Unfortunately all my attempts ended that only the currently active UV channel was available. Eric Lengyel told me that he thinks he remembers that the exporter doesn’t handle multiple UV channels and because I failed too I tend to believe that :slight_smile:
Is there anything planned to add this feature? Or is there a nother 1.4.1 collada exporter for blender being capable of doing this?



I fixed this problem by editing python script of collada export plugin. But sadly i forget about it and overwrite edited file upon fresh install.

As another solution you can export your scene/objects to FXB and then use FBX converter from autodesk which can handle Collada perfectly.
I used it, and i can confirm that multiple UV’s are exported properly.

I forget to write about license:
Converter is free and licensed as GNU so i think it’s suitable for commercial work.