(REQUEST) - Convert Creases to Seams checkbox on FBX export

Hi. It would be nice that when exporting an object as FBX from Blender to other software, the edge creases to be automaticly marked as sharps. Using Edge Split modifier is not a good method for displaying sharp edges, because of common display errors. Exporting creases as sharps is a much easier way to export than having to deal with angles just to view your mesh in Blender properly.

Edit: Wrong title - (REQUEST) -Convert Creases to Sharps checkbox on FBX export is the right one.

You don’t need the Edge Split modifier any more, but you have to mark your edges as “sharp”.

  1. On the “Shading / UVs” tab (left side) set all faces to “Smooth”
  2. Go to the object data tab (right side)
  3. Tick “Auto Smooth”
  4. Set it to 180 deg.
  5. Select any edges and marke them as “sharp” on the edges menu (Ctrl + E)

Now any edges marked as “Sharp” will be shown as such in the viewports, and will be exported correctly on FBX.

The other thing worth noting is the difference between “Creases” and “Sharp edges”. They really come to play when you use the “Subdivision surface” modifier:

  • “Sharp edges” will be show as 100% sharp lines, no matter what.
  • “Creases” will have a different curvature level depending on the factor (from -1 to 1), but even on the maximum sharpness (1) the edge will be still be shown as a tight bevel, never as a sharp line.

I hope it helps!

I can’t find autosmooth checkbox .

there :

No! Don’t convert creases to seams! FBX supports actual creases and Blender’s creases should be exported as creases! This will be important once OpenSubdiv gets more popular!