Request: Daily CVS build

Some open source projects have automatically CVS compiled builds each day.

Im trying to get a more recent CVS, but some frensh site has a corrupted zip, and another site has the two latest versions compiled with SSE2-something…

Any suggestions?

jms changed his site so that IE doesn’t work with it for downloads.
I don’t know why he did that but I am missing his builds too.
Of course is gone at the moment too…
Unfortunatley I have yet to get around to learning to build my own.
So I too would appreciate someone making a current cvs for windows
please :smiley: :rolleyes:

me too, can’t live [happily] without 'em

I was about to port it on the dev forums but I wasnt registered :frowning:

why dont you just compile your own?
heres all you need to know o compile blender from cvs on windows

Whatever happened to It hasn’t been up for the past few days that I have tried to get to it. I haven’t been very active recently so I didn’t hear the news (if there was any) of why it went down…

Kind Regards,

forgot to pay the bill apparently…:rolleyes:

I see ‘jdpf’ has made a cvs build available at incl verse
thanks very much :slight_smile:

a few small issues I noticed lately that maybe should go in the tracker

  1. the shift num 2,4,8 scaling in the render to image window doesn’t work but does by the menu
  2. the parts render count in the title bar is one behind progress.
  3. the world ‘range’ slider doesn’t seem to increment properly with a click

BTW would it be good enhancement to be able to select an area to save -crop- from the rendered image window?

later :smiley:


about the parts render count…
i think it shows what parts are done and dosnt include the current cause it’s not done yet

and instead of cropping the image you can crop parts out of the camera view to render like.
go to camera view and press shift+b and drag a box around the area you want to render. it should make a red box around where you selected and it will only render whats inside the box
BUT i havnt figured out how to get rid of it so to rendr th whole image again just draga box around the whole view insted of just the little part.

ok to me it is logical to display the part being done at the moment but I suppose not everyone thinks the same…

Yes handy to use and also preview to check things beforehand.
I think you just ignore the red box remaining and turn off ‘border’ in the render panel.

Sometimes I set my camera and render and it is fine but then I look at it and think I want to trim a bit here and there…maybe it just saves taking it to another program for edit…also now we have curves adjustment maybe it is a useful step to have integrated…I don’t know just an idea…

For Daily CVS Builds try here:
others…Optimized Builds…

Plumiferos Builds…here

DTP Blender here:

Ok there is some others also like GraphicalAll…not works in the moment…and others…like
…YEAH so many Blender Builds!:):smiley:

and ofcourse in Blenders Developers Forum-Testing Builds: