Request Direction - Python Where to Start - swapping models/textures/ rendering short vid


It’s been a LONG time since I was here. Recently started learning to code and I have been working with Python, which has breathed new life into art and everything. Including all the advancements in Blender & Krita over the last 5 years. Big changes!

Anyways, I’ve always wanted to dive into python & blender and now seems like a good time to.

Where should I start looking for code snippets to;

use a for loop to -

  • hide/unhide meshes,
  • alter values in a material,
  • altering render file output name;
  • render an animation;

I would really appreciate some advice and direction.

Thank you!

Hi, this is a really good playlist to learn scripting in blender, from one of blenders developers:

and another one thats also really good:

Apart from that, there are already some code templates that come packaged with blender in the text editor, which cover quite a lot of subjects:

For me at least, the python API took a while to get used to, but once you do, it can be really powerful!

Hope that helps!

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Awesome! Thank you Andrew. I’m out getting my first vaccine does, later today I hope I can dive in. Cheers!:beers:

Love that there are videos!

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I have created some alternative approach to coding in Python tutorials on my website here:

Generally my approach has strong emphasis on experimental work and using the console and text editor, depending on the goal. It is an alternate viewpoint to picking up on Blender Python, so it is likely to teach you some things that you do not know.