Request for a new sction in Game Engine Forums

Hi, this is simple what i ask for.
i would like to see a extra area for all the super duper MMORPG games that keep on starting over and over again.
Just like there is [B]Game Engine Support and Discussion,[/B]Works in Progress and Game Demos,Finished Games,[B]Team Projects and [/B][B]Game Engine Resources.[/B]

In this section could be all the links for the informations that could be googled and explains why it is not a easy task and so on, because it is a realy spammy thing and always talking to them and explaning that it is not a 6 month project and it is nearly impossible to do just by the way.

A whole new area with only MMORPGS spam could reduce the new apearance of them and at same time clear the real Team project that do actualy make some progress.
And when you go in this MMORPGs forum place and see that there are 40 MMORPGS with 50 views and 5 replys since 5 weeks, mb this could make some of the post starter think about it, and even if not, they would just spam there and not in the other places.

Just a idea and a wish to happen.
How do you guys think about this?

greets Equal, excuse my bad gramma.