Request for .bvh importer change - decimate keys

I have a request for the .bvh importer script. A lot of free .bvh animations have too many keys which makes it too big to use in a game. An option to decimate animation keys while maintaining it close to the original would be much appreciated.

This could be supported in the importer, however I feel its better to have editing tools to perform such operations. so as to make blender for versatile. Add in both could be good too :slight_smile: - this is somthing quite a few people have asked for.

BTW - I sped up BVH import a lot since 2.44 so if thats the problem, try a recent build.

A .bvh with an average size of 500k can easily reach up to 1000 animation keys for position and rotation and that’s just to one move. I could edit this by hand but it’s very tedious. On the other side it would probably be unnoticeable if we reduce the amount of keys to 30 keys per sec. Then it would be a lot easier to clean the remaining keys by hand. Another problem i have with .bvh animation files is that they have position info. For the most part if we are working on a computer game we only need rotation keys. But i suppose this can be easily cleaned up in Blender. I haven’t learned the animation system fully yet.

saddly it cant be, but adding the tools to do this isnt necessarily that difficult - even a python script could do a good job :wink: