Request for Game-engine export with .blend

I would like to request a software be made using Blender, and the .blend file to reference and learn from. What I would like is a program similar to Makehuman, but allowing imported features (mouths, ears, hair, clothes, etc) to be attached via a hardpoint or similar system. Almost every aspect of the models should alterable via sliders, and skin tones fully custom (even unrealistic colors). Models should be able to be posed. Also, example items for the hardpoints should be included (even just one each) so I can see how they’re mounted. Models should be as realistic as Makehuman, and censored.

I don’t care what is done with it, even if it’s sold. It’s 100% yours. I just want a copy and the original .blend to see how it was made. I want to see how such a thing is done in Blender.

If you’re interested, let me know. I will walk through a feature list as it’s developed. Again, you may choose to copyright it and sell it if you choose to do so.

Ehh… you might want to change the title of that post. Sliders etc. that alter the model are perfectly feasible in Blender, but it would be very very difficult to do it from within the Game Engine.