request for game engine tutorial dvd

ok i’m a noob and i get this headache when i gotta learn a new soft- the easy when you know how thing is true when you got the learning material to go through but the tutorials are so all over the place and specifics are hard, if not impossible to find. i ordered yo frankie! ages ago, hoping to get a full rundown on the how-to’s of making blender games, but most of its content only covered one or two subjects and not near sufficient to replicate the name sake game. i would like to make a request of a dvd to cover all aspects of game making in blender. i seen a nuff how to model mr blocky man tutorials that claim to be game related and i’d rather pay for the convenience of getting what i need on dvd than spend another night/day/week searching for that odd juicy tute.
need emphasizing on how to create action clips and implement them on a character in g.e to make it run/walk/grab/touch/attack/block/jump/fall. implement multiple animated textures on a plane for 2d characters- left/run left. attack etc. (this i really want to know) eveything that can be done with the logic blocks and maybe a separate python dvd for how to put the language in to practice in blender (advancing game creation). if anyone knows who to ask to make this happen please do so. sorry if i seem a nag :frowning:

I hate to say it, but even if there was someone who had the knowledge, resources, and the initiative, It would likely take the better part of a year(maybe longer) before a comprehensive guide could be finished. You would be better off doing the extra legwork yourself. You should always keep in mind that tutorials aren’t the only way to learn something. Asking questions works just as well.

For your multiple animated textures problem, i think that may be impossible. But, i recall seeing a script(somewhere around here) that animates UV coordinates in-game. In theory, you could put all your animations on a single sprite sheet, and tweak that script to switch between animations whenever you need.

Maybe you can be the one to make it and become an overnight Blender Super-Star™.

Could probably even get the Blender Foundation to sell it so you could get fortune with your fame…assuming they don’t go all creative-commons on you.