Request for Golf Clubs - Driver and Iron

I’m working on an animation that takes place at a golf driving range, and I have a couple of other golf ideas in mind.

I’ve started to animate some golf swings and it’s taking quite a while to get them looking good. Nothing good enough to even post in the W.I.P. yet.

Modelling, is frankly not my interest or in my skill set at the moment, and for the moment I’ve “modelled” a couple of golf club driver heads, that more resemble Fred Flinstone rocks :smiley:

If anyone would like to model a golf club Driver head, and an Iron head, I’m willing to pay $20.00 Cad for both. They don’t have to be perfect, and I don’t want anyone spending 10 hours on them (unless you want to :slight_smile: )

I know that’s not much $$, but it seems the majority of Blender’s here are primarily modellers anyway, maybe that’s enough incentive for you ? :slight_smile:

Also it would be better if this was something that maybe you were thinking of modelling for fun for yourself anyway, so in case a I get a “flood of models” all going for this “big payout” (not very likely), that people aren’t p**d if I don’t choose their model / buy it from them.

Alternatively if anyone want’s to offer tips / tutorial on how to model these, that would be great too.


I may take a stab at this if you have not found a suitable model yet.

Were you also looking for them to be textured?( I am assuming so, but you did not specify)

Hi Hazard,

That would be great :slight_smile:

Textured would be great, but only if it doesn’t take you more than 5 minutes or so, otherwsie I can probably futz around with that. Just need some kind of metal looking thing for the iron … there was a thread awhile ago where someone posted a chromey looking robot and he posted the texture/.blend file. I have it around here somewhere.

Are you a golfer? :smiley:

I am, but being in Toronto, no more for this year :frowning: (I hate winter).


Yes, I do not get to go often at all, but I am not too ashamed to say my last two rounds were an honest 90 & 91, I do not have an established handicap but these scores are a little better than average for me.
I live in Northern Nevada, U.S.A., winter is setting in but around here we can still get out on the nicer days.

I don’t know if you are in a hurry for this, it will be a couple days before I can start on it.

No hurry, I have about 20 projects I’ve started :slight_smile:

As for golf, I sorta went golf crazy out of high school, worked at golf courses for 5 years, got my game from 100’s to mid-70’s … that was MANY years ago. I haven’t been playing much lately though.


Not perfect, but since it is for animation, not still photo, it should do the trick.

No grip yet, will make it seperate mesh.


Wow !

That looks great !

“Not perfect” ? … from that angle it certainly looks it !!

How long did you spend on it?

… granted knowledgable / skilled time <> noob-no-talen time :smiley:
I.e, if you say a few hours, that will proably translate to a few days/weeks for me :slight_smile:


It was a few hours of work, I have not done much subsurf modelling so after getting the basic shape there was a lot of time in rotating the head around and around, pushing a pulling areas into shape, then there was making the textures, nobody seems to want to put a straight on picture of any Ping drivers on the internet that I could find so I had to make them, except for the shaft, that was used straight from a photo I got online.

Yet more time was spent tweaking the levels, ie. spec, hard, nor, etc. until I thought it was acceptable.

I should note that the face is not an anistropic shaded material so it will not react to light/shadow, I made a brushed metal texture in photoshop and slapped it straight on with a normal map for the grooves.