Request for Help - I have till Monday to get this working


I cannot get this Blender to work,

When my son came up to me and asked if I would help him with his homework I was keen to help, he stated he had to build a Motte and Bailey castle out of paper and card, I joked it was the 21st century now and things like this can be done on the PC,

I had recently discovered SketchUp and was impressed with just how easy it was to generate buildings in this program.

So I checked if we couuld get this thing off the ground, ie

Build all the buildings first in SketchUp
Build the ground in Blender adding the buildings onto the map,

then the tricky bit

Render the required files and bring it in to either a game engine or
perhaps bring it in to another piece of software so he could show his Teacher.

Unexpected problems are now threatening this project because I cannot get Blender to recognise the Python 3.2 I have installed.

Ive tried adding a new Environment Variable with the following entry
and restarted

Still no Joy

So we have a grid for the ground in Blender
and quite a few buildings now to go on. And thats where we are now

Help Please! In theory this should not be anything too difficult, but this Python problem means I cannot import any of the buildings and is threatening the whole project.

Lets see if this gets deleted,

P.S. Ive saved it!

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