request for help tracking a possible bug

My current project has been plagued by memory use overload due a possible bug connected with using scripts. As a result, I’ve been paying real close attention to Blender’s memory usage as I work on the project. I use WinXP Home, and just monitor Mem Usage in Task Manager.

I noticed while playing with my armature rigging that every time I use the manipulator to rotate a bone or object, the mem usage goes up just a bit – it takes on average 3 changes to rotation using the manipulator to bump the mem usage up about 4K. Changes to location and scale don’t seem to make any change at all in mem usage.

These small bumps would not be significant except they seem to be cumulative and persistent, and so could lead to much larger increases in mem usage over time while working on a file. It may also have a bearing on the issue.

It would be very helpful if I could get some confirmation on this. If you have a moment, and your OS has tools to do so, perhaps some of you could also monitor mem usage while working on your projects, and see if the same increase occurs. At the moment, I’m only focused on changes in mem usage when something is rotated with the manipulator – objects rotating under IPO control don’t show any mem change, nor does changing the values in the Transform Properties.

Thanks in advance.