Request for Models - Theme Park and others

Hello all,

CreationAnimation LLC is currently working on a Children’s Video animation project which teaches children about the Bible.

Presently, we are directing our efforts towards a 5 minute promotional piece and plan to go into real production of our first half-hour episode in the beginning of 2003.

We are developing a 3D town for our characters to live in and with our limited staff I have found that there are simply too many models for us to build ourselves.

If anyone would like to donate models, or if any one has (or will produce) models to sell/license for our use in video projects, I would like to know who you are. We will gladly include your credit information in the video credit and send you a CD copy of the finished project for your portfolio provided we make use of your model)

Presently, I am not specifically looking for the models, but I am looking for your names and contact information and level of interest. I would also appreciate links to images of some of your work.

Once I know who is interested, we can discuss the particular terms of the use of models, etc…

The kinds of Models we will be needing:

Theme Park rides, ie. rollercaster,
train and train cars
residential homes in the 1920’s style
commercial buildings in the Art Deco and Streamline style
Other viually interesting buildings.
General street furnishings, ie lamp posts, benches, mailbox, etc…
Seamless textures
Boats, ie. tugboat, sailboat, cabin cruisers, speedboat
There are many more.

I will build a website which lists it all as the need arises.

Looking forward to your reply.
Please respond to this post or email me at
[email protected]

Michael Thoenes

You can find general information about us at