Request for modifier icon

Hey folks,

The remesh modifier is about ready for trunk, but it needs an icon still. Anyone interested in getting involved with icon creation?


My entry (download because pasteall blurs it in that preview)

I tried with Suzanne and a Cube below and also tried the grid more in the style of the modifier icons but I didn’t liked the results. Curious to see what ideas come instead.

My try at an idea.

I like yours better hype!

Thanks for submissions :slight_smile:

Forgot to add this before, but in case it’s useful here is the current set of Blender icons:

Additionally, the license of the icon should be CC-BY-SA, or at least that’s what we currently use.

My second and last entry.
(again download to see without that blurriness)

I like suzanne, mine is boring… great to finally see this in trunk!

I made another, added another level of cubes. Thought it would show a bit more of the quality of the remesh tool.

And of course, if this one is chosen, I can make it a png with transparency and the correct size and all that. This is just a sample jpeg.

Hmmm… I should put in that dotted orange line…

Hype, could you go ahead and put up a sized png for comparison purposes? Helps to see how the concept translates at Blender’s small icons size.

Thanks again to all for such a quick response :slight_smile:

I believe the remesh Icon shouldn’t only display Nicholas remesh method, but also methods that might come later.
That is, for example the method 3D coat uses.
So, the icon should be universal for “Remesh”. That is, messy topology>Good topology. I have no time to try it out right now, maybe tomorrow. But the idea: Half terrible topology, half good topology kind of an icon.

Whew, getting it to look like that concept while that small was tougher than I thought, hahahaha… 20 x 20 is hard! I gave it a shot.

I don’t have the time at the moment to make an icon but how about on the left side a few triangles, then a dotted yellow line, and on the right a clean grid representing all quads.

It may be easier to distinguish at such a small resolution.

OK, just whipped this up in like 10 minutes!

Any ideas on that?

I would go for one of the icons made by liero or bao2 (2nd one).

The small version of hype’s icon didn’t turn out as well as the big version (IMHO). And the red in the icon of Wefyb doesn’t fit in really well in the current icon set.

I like suzanne and the diagonal line in bao2’s concept. Also, the principle of the remesh modifier is illustrated quite clear by it.
However liero’s concept is also really nice. He might call is boring but I think it fits in perfectly with blenders current icon’s, its meaning is very clear and it is usable for new future uses (like Freemind pointed out).

It’s Saturn !!!

I took the icons of bao2 and liero and combined the parts I liked best in them. It turned out very similar to bao2’s icon:

Well, I made a quick edit to my own, although unsure as to exactly how to improve the vision of the left part as “bad topology for sculpting”… non the less!

As was advised, I got rid of the red.

Here’s my try



like liero’s most.