Request for name change........Seriously

i would now like to be known as Super Wu-Man…instead of Wu
my identity has been blown by that loser Sago…
and now it is hard for me to go unnoticed…

Aquaint yourself with the legend…
click here for “The Intro” (meet the real wu…the legend…the man…the babe magnet…you knew it!)
click here for “The Game” (let your greatest dream come true…be WU-MAN!)
click here for “The Real Super Wu-Man Animation” (rated 5 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “Yet Another Super Wu-Man Animation” (rated 5 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “The Mask of Super Wu-Man” (rated 4 stars…but i’m not bragging…)
click here for “Another Super Wu-Man model” (super wu-man’s favorite render so far!)
click here for “Discussion about Super Wu-Man!!” (people talking about how they wish they were the wuster)
click here for “The Super Wu-Man Wallpaper Background” (art by Sago, Modron and AndyD)

thank you for your consideration…

if namechange you might noticed if you looked carefully, we already have a thread for this among the sticky ones (but you are maybe to busy finding a new joke :wink: )…and if this is another joke by you or Sago, this thread ends here.

Hey ZT, don’t drag me into this. I’m innocent… this time, yeah… haha… it’s because I played you once with a phony name change, right? That was a good one, such a shame you removed it. I forgive you, because you’re doing such a great job here. But this time… man, that’s just being plain prejudice.


No, I haven’t got a clue what Wu’s identity crisis is about.

haha, i wasnt really joking, and that thread was more then 6 pages long so i didnt really read it,

i was wondering, if it was possible to try the name out for a month to see if it has that certian somthing that women like, then i would like to try it,

but if it is a huge pain to change the name, and then change it back in a month i can just keep Wu, for that name is strong…you know,

anyway, thanks for the consideration zonty, if you dont want to change it (because of future pain in the ass) then we can leave it, and lock this thread…but yes i was being serious about changeing it…to try it.


sago…thanks for supporting me i can always count on you…CLOWN!!

lol, IMHO youre both clowns, and yeah i think that name would suite you quite well :slight_smile: