Request for plugin

Hello, I have had Blender for about a week now, and I am getting good at own things. Before blender I ha Milkshap 3D. I only had the trial of it, an it only lasted 30 days, but in the 30 das I made quite a few models with it, some of which I was still working on ween the 30 as were up. What I what to know is this: is there a plug-in to import Milkshap 3D models in to blender, and if there isn’t, could some one plus make one?:smiley:

I would make it my self, but I don’t know how to do it. :confused:

Which model format does milkshape export to? you don’t have to use a milkshape -> blender importer, instead, look for an intermediate file format that both recognizes. Maybe RAW, or dxf?

Thanks mpan3! I will try that.