request for python script link

Hi, Is it possible (for someone, I lack the skills) to make a scriptlink with the following functions.

1/ To search for previous versions of Python if a script requires those functions.
So if I had Python 2.4.3, 2.3, 2.2, 2.0, 1.5, installed on my system the script could find the version of python that it needs. I have read at . That Industrial Light & Magic has all these versions of Python linked in some way so they can still call older functions when needed. Also for stability of their system, saves re-writing their entire system for each version of Python.

2/ To search for previous versions of Blender and it’s directories so that modules/.dll files can be parsed/found and used by the current version of Blender.

The Idea behind this is so I/we/you can enable the scriptlink then open a older script in the text editor in whatever the current Blender version is and easily call apon the older functions required to run the script.

This could be a great forward thinking script function as for each new version of Blender it could be Updated to include the previous version.

Ever got the error ‘cannot find Python 2.0.dll’ or similar?

Anyway what do you think? Could it work?
I have tried pasting old .dll’s into new Blender with some but little sucess.
This could be a good option.

Thanks. Brendon.