Request for sacred art models

Hi all,

I don’t know if this is the best section to request for models, but I’d like to post my request here.

I’ve searched for keywords like Last Supper and Jesus but unfortunately, I haven’t found any models about sacred art.

I’m interested in using them to bring computer users closer to God. Can some of the Blender artists come in for help?

Thank you a lot,
kind regards!

This stone statue of the famed Holy Brick of Solomon might do.

A better idea – make your own statue by actually learning blender and edge loop modeling and the like. A computer model won’t change atheist’s minds, of course, so you wouldn’t bring anyone closer to god. I don’t want to get closer to god D: he might smite me for not believing in him.

I am pretty close to my god, im near a major backbone for the internet ^^ so i got latency.

But dude, check out makehuman … with that you can just config your jesus or mary and import to blender.

Wouldn’t that be sort of “blasphemous,” seeing as the human body is shameful and should be hidden? Maybe close your eyes while exporting and using retopo to add clothes xD

does aliasing make Jesus baby cry?

Well, I think if you want to change the people you must change yourself first. Find the God in yourself and express it in the Blender, in a way - help yourself and God will help you! :smiley:

There was some Blender works already made on that theme. My favourite is Endi’s “Cross Crucifiction”. I don’t remember its original title, but the message of the Truth in that image is so powerful in its simplicity that it’s really hard to make it stronger (that’s why church authorities wouldn’t like it I guess). :yes:

Anyway, that thread should be in the Off Topic forums & guys please do not start just another stupid war again! Peace brothers! :smiley:

Hey guys, thank you for your suggestions.

I really enjoy your work with blender, but I think I don’t have the gift to work with drawings and models, although I’m going to try.

Holy Brick of Solomon looks cool, Shnitzel.

makehuman is a great piece of software, also, though some clothes would be nice :wink:

Popsky, I couldn’t find Endi’s work :frowning:

Thank you a lot guys!

Oh, and thanks for the advice, Popski!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster does no such thing. First of all, how to you smite someone when your arms are made of noodles? :wink:

@dannyxyz22: The The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository has some religious models from various religions, including Christianity. And the Lighting Challenge#10 is about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

BTW: Did you think about Exodus 20,4?

You shall not make for yourselves an idol, nor any image of anything that is in the heavens above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth

Maybe you could just make 3d watchtower leaflet, that will do the job.

Your bad grammar makes that second sentence epic win.

Also, something that would be just as effective: model a door-to-door pamphlet-bearing Jehovah’s Whitness.

Thank you! But that not bad grammar, that broken English! You know, some organizations want me to write and spake that way!

Well I once shared a model which I used for a sort-of religious work, called Halelujah :slight_smile:

the pic:

and the model:

of course, my pic expresses my opinion about anything christian, but you are free to use it completely in different sense. enjoy!

Anybody seen the TV version of This American Life? They had a great piece about a terrific Mormon painter who, despite his rather conservative religious beliefs, had to spend all his time with homeless vagrants and hippies, because in Salt Lake City those are the only people who have impressively acceptable Jesus beards.

LOL! My dad and I were talking about how hippies tend to look like Jesus just yesterday!

You can always model a dog’s ass and use this image as a texture.

Perhaps if you found a forum that is interested in the same ideas of what scared art is as you ,then ask for artists. That way you won’t invite an avalanche of cheap shots from people who don’t see things quite the same as you. I must admit I spent a few hours last night resisting posting a model of buddha and making some immature I’m better than you are comment.

Fine, I removed this rather offensive picture… but compared to the dog’s asshole, this isn’t really that bad.

@dannyxyz22, I too recommend learning to model yourself, I think you could express yourself better through your own creations.
Blender has all the tools you need,
And there are other forums where I’m sure most of the people would be more helpful.

Sometimes its hard to believe that this site is still a support forum for a 3d modeling and animation suite.