Request for Script?

-I can’t use this addon, having learned so by an email correspondence with
the author of that plugin.

I need a script that will

-Successfully “paper stack” (at a true zero arithmetic offset),
a group of Objects, be they comprised of any Vertices, Direct Line Edges,
NURBS Curves, Mesh Planes, or NURBS Surfaces, with reference to priority
(a layers System comprised of infinitely many layers) and subsequent movement
Order (if specified arithmetically by Blender, or via Key Frame interpolated movement
during Animation, or via Node compositing.

This stacking will allow for consistent covering, revealing, and any intersections of those

This is an animation style feature, required for virtualisation of a 3D model, to begin
to entertain a surface or relevant at true zero thickness.

-Having achieved the first, it also needs to include consistent, later inclusion
of outmost-visible Marked Freestyle Line Edges, when visible from any
number of eligible Lamps and Cameras, by means of Vector casting
from Cameras if necessary, withstanding acute angle viewing.

Is there someone on the blenderartsists forum who can start this process,
even at my behest?

Why post this in “released” scripts section when there is a Python support section?

The only reason is if I’m just a little unsure as to where to post it.