request for support for OPTION MENU template

Hello all,
I have almost finished my game, could someone help me to create a “OPTIONS MENU” where you can choose: resolution (LIST), anti-aliasing (ON/OFF), set keys for movements or else.

thanks in each case

Sry. I don’t have the time:
But why aren’t you writing it by your own?
Because if you’d like to change like the keys ,your game has to be prepared for this!
1.your game has to be scripted (or use a script that call each of your keyboard actuators and change the keys depending on the settings),otherwise you can’t change them.
2.If it’s scripted i recommend you to use the GlobalDict witch has the keys as int. ([G.globalDict[“Player1LKEY”]] == JUST_ACTIVATED) for example you can easily edit the keys with a text object and apply the value to the GlobalDict.

keyboardsensor = cont.sensors[“Keyboard”]
for key,status in
# key[0] ==, key[1] = status
if status == bge.logic.KX_INPUT_JUST_ACTIVATED:
object[“Value”] = key # an integer witch represents the key,like 97 for A
object[“Text”] =[“Value”]) #“prints” the integer as letter or word

I agree with Brunfunstudios
I use a quality changing script that changes the GLSL settings by turning on/off Lights, Shaders, Shadows etc:

import bge
rend = bge.render
rend.setGLSLMaterialSetting(“shaders”, True)
rend.setGLSLMaterialSetting(“shadows”, True)

You can change “shadows”/ “shaders” to anything in the glsl material panel but keep it in lowercase (use True for on and False for off)

i have my game menu here shown in the first half of the video:

thanks to all,
I’ll try your suggestions, and I will keep you updated. Soon will release a “demo enclosed” I’ll put a video demo of the game here, so as to let you see the work done.

if someone wants to work with me please contact me here as well.

sorry for my bad English.

again thank you very much