Request for thread integrity

(slikdigit) #1

you’re (and you know who you are) unfairly getting my hopes up! everytime I see there’s a new post on the NaN announcement thread, I think: woohoo! new news. But then I click and it has nothing to do with the announcement: just things ranging from Opensource vs. Closed source debates, Netscape vs. IE debates, America vs. the rest of the world, etc. etc.
can’t we just start an elysiun doesn’t work in IE thread separate from the announcement?
This is just a request. But I’m afraid of missing ‘real’ news if I just ignore that thread. And some of the digressions were ones I would have chosen not to read, had they been labelled properly.
I’ve been guilty too. But I promise to uphold ‘thread purity’ from now on, in a reasonable fashion.

(acasto) #2

I think instead of no disgressions, more ‘subject’ integrity would work. Instead of decieving titles, more up front. Although a serpate one just for the really ‘important stuff’ wouldn’t be bad. But then again for those they have the ‘announcement’ icons. But no matter what, some debate must live on. It’s what keeps everyone invovled and thinking.

just my two cents… :smiley:

(haunt_house) #3

Well, I have no problems with insantiy :o

But I understand your point though…

But for now, I just don´t visit an old announcement too often, I sometimes open new pages of the thread in separate windows, go offline and fly over them.

And I think important annnoucements will get a new thread. Ton, Kib or [email protected] won´t just add something serious at the farthest corner of this forum. Or so I think :wink:


(blengine) #4

what is a digression?..hmm, whats a NAN?..whats a nurb? so many questions! where are my answers!

(slikdigit) #5

I think I had my stick shoved to far up my- I mean, I must’ve got up on the wrong side of bed.
we now return you to more googly eyed programing.
What I mean to say: this sounds far more serious than intended. If truth be told, I just have a weakness for polls. (No not poles. get your mind out of the gutter)