Request for turning softbody into cloth

I have been experimenting with the new softbodies, and noticeing that it is not to far away from beeing a good cloth solver. I was wondering where to put a feature request. Somwhere where it will have a good chance of being added.

Here is my basic idea, in no particular order.

Having an icosphere-like subsurf option.
This would make it so you could modle low-poly cloth, turn on the ico-sub, and make a real mesh. The advantage to this would be that the folds of the cloth would be more natural.

More stable physics.
The current softbody physics jitter.

Between frame colision.
Like, if a charactor (or arm) is moving more than it’s width per frame, it dose not go through the cloth. (Maby use a ray between the colision face last frame, and this frame, and see if the cloth is between?)

Self colision/Doublesided colision.
So that a cloth object will not go through itself, forwards or backwards.

Speed it up somhow? Maby? Please?
I know that these features would take hard work, and probably result in a big slowdown, but, even as it is blender softbodies are a little slow when coliding with objects.

I know this is alot to ask… but i am asking. Even if this was all that was put in the next blender release (2.41, not 2.40), that would make my day… for the next couple of years.

I can post some anims of the current softbody cloth on a static object if anyone wants (cloth mesh imported from seperate program), but it takes awhile to calculate.

What do you think? Anyone think this could happen?

Well, in my oppinion, if you want to do something with as complicated physics as cloth… use a program thats meant for it. I used Cinema4D to do a lot of cloth stuff earlier in the school year, and it looked amazing. However, it cant be put on the school computers (cost) so I just use blender.

It might be availible in blender in years to come… but for now, find something else to do or get a better program.

bjornmose is coding it so you can PM him.


My whole point is that blender is not as far away as I thought, or as you seem to think. I will try to post an example of a cloth mesh solved with the current blender softbody. (it may take awhile)

pm him what?

I was wondering where to put a feature request. Somwhere where it will have a good chance of being added.

Hey, I thought maybe your feature request… since it’s he who will ultimately end up adding it.


i made a avi with the current softbody. (using a cloth mesh with an icosphere-like structure.)
direct link
This is to demonstrate that blender is not as far from cloth simulation as some people think.

do you think my request has a chance?

Am I the only one who is interested in blender cloth dynamics?
maby the last animation was not cool enough.
Try This 204 KB (DivX 6.0)

If it’s just that no one else cares, than just tell me and i’ll drop it. (for now)

Your experiments are pretty cool. However, a quick search would reveal that this topic has been hashed out to the point where we’re pretty familiar with the state of soft bodies as it relates to cloth simulation. You’d probably also find other peoples’ examples and experiments of using soft bodies for this purpose. You might also find posts that point to the forums on for feature requests/suggestions.

That we recognize that soft bodies have the potential to be used as cloth has been established. That there are improvements that we’d all like to have has also been established. It’s being worked on, as Fligh % has pointed out.

Pardon my bluntness, but I’m just not sure how this adds to the conversation. Of course, I’m prone to miss obvious things, so take my comments with a grain.

NichG is also working on softbodies code, so he might well add cloth support.


Nope, you’re not the only one who cares. I have run into some of these problems my self. Here is a little test I did. Though, I didn’t use pure collision detection, which it looks like you did. I’ve found that working with weightpainting it to an armature, and then waitpainting a softgoal works great, and really doesn’t take long.

Yoda’s Clothing Animation Test #2 (~250k .wmv)

A yeah, one user finally found the ‘art of fakin’ …
Add a simple collider cone (if you use 2.4xx you can even ‘modify stack’ it to the armature ) on a hidden layer ( say 6 faces to keep it fast ) to prevent the sleeve to intrude too deep and noone will see it’s a fake.
BM :slight_smile:
humm… watching the anim again
looks like you already did it