REQUEST: help me pose this character

Hello everyone,

first off, I’m not ussually bugging people to do something instead of me but in this case it came out as the best option for me. I will study the final pose and hopefully learn something from it.

What I’m trying to do is pose Harry @ Blendswap (harry.blend (749 KB)) in a laying-relaxation pose, something like this:

The main problem is posing arms behind head because I always screw them up (I can handle the legs). After posing I will “paste” the character on this background (on the middle cloud):

Can you help me pose Harry?

I don’t know this character but have found out that I need both IK and FK to pose arms nicely.

Thanks, meanwhile I’ll look into some arms IK tutorials and try them.

This is my new best harry_relax.blend (676 KB):

I looked at the rig. Bones are not moving as it should. Under Armature there are protected layers present. How do you remove those layers and what is it protecting?

Trouser has Collision Physics on it, and it seems to be driven by a Body bone?! Shouldn’t it be Cloth Physics? It has whole kitchen sink load of Vertex Groups assigned to it; head to fingers???

It looks like the maker simply took part of body mesh, enlarged it and made the mesh. And kept all the Vertex Groups that was assigned to the body.

Shirt has same kind of problem. It doesn’t have Cloth Physics on it. It seems to be driven by Body bones because it has Vertex Groups assigned to it. Vertex Group contains every thing from head, fingers, to foot but not rib!? Why would you do that??

Well I am not sure why the creator made things like that. Clothes aren’t a big problem since I can repair that later. The biggest problems are arms because they are weirdly twisted.