Request help properly attaching textures.

Hello Blender Artists.

As a relative newbie I am trying to learn as I go. In the linked video you can see the Godzilla Monster walking across the town square - I recognize there is little impressive here, it’s still in the early stages. The problem I am hoping to get help with at the moment it that the textures on the monster seem to be crawling about as the mesh moves. These bumpmap textures are generated procedurally by Blender in case that makes a difference.

If someone could point out the error I made I would appreciate it. I thought I had this problem fixed before, but one the mesh started moving it seems to have re-occured. Thanks in advance.

The problem you seem to have here is the coordinate system the texsture uses. You seem to have it on generated or object, but it should be based on UV map. In blender internal render the setting is under texsture tab -> mapping -> coordinate, in cycles you have to add texsture coordinate node. In addition to that setting you have to unwrap your model, tutorials on that can be found via googling.

hjaarnio. You have saved me tons of time. Thanks for taking the time to identify my error (one of many I am likely to commit as I work through all this).

I did in fact have the texture assigned to ‘object’ as that seemed intuitively to me like it would stay with the mesh. Guess my intuition was off. Switching it to UV seems to have done the job.

FYI If anyone is interested, Some improvement was made to the scene and the textures are much better attached.