Request: Materials tutorials

So i hope this right place for request
What i need A wet asphalt material And a skyscraper windows material,
So dont think whant i didnt tryed to find out it my self, i tryed many variants but now i’m out. I didnt found anything good in google so i hope u will help me guys. So like i said i need a wet asphalt material, its isnt very important than its need to be a wet, maby there is any way to make any thing looking wet? like metal, apple, ant etc so i think u are clear here.

Skyscpater windows material, i mean a black window from outside with reflect, i hope u understand me so THANK YOU

nooby? yea i know oh and if u dont understand my english say it, i’ll try to rewrite it to clear for everybody langue
And i would to know how to make neon lights, like there is on shops titels in the streets… oh okay thanks

Wet materials generally have a high Spec value, and slightly reflective, so bump up ray mirror settings a little

As for black windows, I would just create a black material with a middle to high spec for shine, and high ray mirror for reflections, play with the settings to get the effect you are looking for.

remember to use ray tracing for render.

okay i’ll try thanks my man :slight_smile: