Request my old account back


As it says in my sig, I used to be Bellorum on these forums. I disappeared for a while, and when I came back I could no longer retrieve my old logon information, ergo the new nick. Is it impossible for me to regain access to my old account (which is probably linked to an email I can´t access anymore)?

I’m not seeing a user registered with that name on this site (you can verify by using the Advanced Search feature and typing in Bellorum as the username search term). Are you sure that was the name you used?

Ha ha, I just realized I requested a namechange once - to Vainqueur :slight_smile: I actually had to go back the forum and search for myself since I didn´t remember how I spelled it (on page 348 I think it was I found myself):stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fairly certain we can merge your current account with that on. We need to take some steps to verify that you were that account holder. I’ll send you a PM.

HA! This is weird, but I suddenly guessed my old password! :slight_smile:

Snakesong account merged with Vainqueur. Done!