request or advice.

The Problem-
I find myself really missing a tool from lightwave that allows the selection of various n-sided faces.
e.g select all tri’s, select all 4 sided faces, or select all faces with more than 4 sides…

The Solution-
I was wondering if this already exists and I have just looked past it over the years or if someone can add it to the already existing selection tools?

the excuse-
…seems to be a fairly easy to implement option, but I am unfamiliar with the code…I also just do not have the time between work family and a new baby…seems like a good entry project into blender dev.

You can select all triangles / quads from the Select menu while in edit mode (while in face select)

but for n-sided(4+) polys one would need to select both, then invert the selection.

Blender doesn’t have Ngons yet or am I missing something here?

true, that is why I brought this up…using the bmesh branch latley and it feels like it is something that is lacking(maybe I should have stated that)…I am merely bringing this up as a request or something to think about…when I finish a model I do like to go through and ensure I have all quads(or tri’s) before unwrapping…and on a side note blender does on occasion have an odd face either from importing or just an error…I have had an n-gon before…I know it is not supported in main, but they are, erroneously, there on occasion.

Is this what you are after? Briggs recently added it.

first, sorry I did not have time to respond and second,…
yes, that is somewhat what I meant, but with this you need to specify how many verts it seems…so if it were more like selecting >4 or <4 would be a little bit of an improvement so long as it retained the original “X” number of verts selection method as well.

EDIT: I just noticed that yes, it is possible…I just needed to re-read the commit log…thanks my dreams have been fulfilled :wink:

That’s perfectly all right.

…thanks my dreams have been fulfilled :wink:
It’s Briggs who really deserves the thanks.

And with that my job here is done. To the Batmobile!