Request: Please convert a .C4D file to .blend

There’s a free model on ShareCG, here, that would be quite useful for my project. Unfortunately, the rigged and textured version is in .C4D (Cinema 4D) format. Yes, the download does include .FBX and .OBJ versions. But neither of those are rigged. Neither of the two are textured, either. Oh, and the .FBX was saved in ASCII format, which Blender can’t seem to import.

My understanding is that Cinema 4D can export as .FBX, .3DS, and .DAE (among others) and all three formats support bones and animation. Though, what I’ve read suggests many users run into issues when exporting. Someone suggested exporting to .3DS as the only “reliable” solution. But another claimed that a common cause of issues with exporting via .FBX is when they do not apply a material to the object before export because the Color Channel needs to contain a texture.

Could someone convert the .C4D for me, please?

Edit 1: I just read an article on exporting from .C4D to Unity and it said that one has to convert any “joints” into traditional bones as Unity can’t read joints. Perhaps that’s why the included .FBX was not rigged - they didn’t convert Cinema 4D’s joints into bones before export? (The article also mentions a video which “covers using the weigh tool to clean up the auto-weighting of the mesh to bones.”)

Edit 2: I tried using FinalMesh to load the model and hopefully convert it. But it would not load. Someone at the company told me that there is something wrong with the .C4D file as it won’t even load in Cinema 4D. It seems to have a dependency on a certain plugin.