Request - Rigged cartoony guitar

Now, first of all i don’t want to be a douche, but i really need some help. I need to make an acoustic guitar, which will move like a centipede/worm thing. now the problem is that after many failed tries i learned that i’m rubbish at rigging and making a guitar with decent topology…now this will be used in an advertisment, which might put most of you off, but if anyone can help me or at least give some tips i would be grateful…
Thanks in advance…

Make sure the guitar has plenty of edge loops where it will move. Perhaps in this case it would be better to just box model the guitar to get better topology? Just start with a cube and then scale it to the right proportions. Then add the loops in one direction, get those the right shape, then do the other directions.
I hope that made sense, it was rather vague.

i’ve seen the rigging video, and i can rig a character, but my main problem with the guitar is the strings…what to do with those?

try mesh deform