[Request] Umm, change the name?

Cause looking up hints and tutorials on the internet is so…

well I mean you change the innards so often no one can keep up. So why not change the name? Just a bit. Like call it Blendoria or Adroit-Blend or Blenmedley or Supercalafragalisticblendyaladoshus. Anything that doesn’t have a number and doesn’t produce endless search results involving icy decaf drinks!

Just Google “Blender 3D Modeller Tool” if it really is that much of an issue. The name should stay, and I doubt they’d change it at this point anyway.

I look for “Blender 3d” :wink:

“blender tutorial” “bge tutorial” “blender game engine” “blender 3d” “how to … do … in blender 3d” “how to … do … in bge” etc.

When you Google search for Blender enough it suggests 3D software more often.

Blender is the first result when Google searching.

Keep in mind Google provides user-dependent results. If you often search for the device, they will be appear more prominent to you :D.

Btw. the image in post#1 shows that Blender.org is indeed #1 - it is just preceded by the image search result.

Yes, Monster, but I always go straight to www.blender.org or www.blenderartists.org

I never Google search it.

I notice that you are use duck duck go for your search engine… I approve… the only thing is that you have the product and sell/buy tab open also… that will show you the different consumer products if you use the little grey button on the top left hand corner you can get rid of the “food” blenders for sale and see that the next entry is in fact blender.org home of the blender 3d project.

Duck Duck Go is just full of adware. Google or GTFO.