[REQUEST] Update Dynamic Spacebar

So, I’ve just been introduced to the dynamic spacebar, and it’s very useful, and i actively would encourage anyone to use it.
I see great potential with the dynamic spacebar, but i also think there is more that could be done to improve it. One of the thing that comes to mind is remove the T and N panel, it seem almost counter intuitive to press the space bar to then go down and select the T or N panel when you could just press the T or N panel.

Other thing would be to add the constraint’s menu for rigging.

hi, I guess the main thing here is the spacebar menu is 3d view menus & tools, whereas the constraints are in the Properties Editor. That said I’ll take a look, but no promises here. As for the ToolShelf/Properties/Editor shelfs (t & n keys) they were part of the original design & still serve the purpose of letting new users know they are available.

Note: make sure your using the spacebar menu from nightly builds as it’s been totally rewritten recently.
Note 2: if your using nightly builds the new pie menus addon serves as a great companion.
you can find it in addons > user interface > experimental > “3D Viewport Pie Menu”