Request; WebPage displayed inGame.

Hi! I would need a script that would ‘‘Import web page as plane’’


I while ago. I bought a small script for Unity GE wich displays, in the scene (level), a web page (URL). (so the player can see the web page while playing the game.) The web page is apliyed similar as if it was a mere texture on any Geometry surface but the more apropriate would be a plane. The display of the WebPage is refreshed at the start of the level only (not every frame) Now I’d like to be able to do the same in BGE.

My question is: Is there anyone who could point me to the right direction (link) or code it for me.
I would need to be able to aply it to a plane. Similar to ‘‘import image as plane’’ but instead it would be a web page that would refresh at the start of the level it’s in.

On a side note the add-on for Unuty can also display a web cam wich others can see ingame (multiplayer) -but I dont need that- just saying. :slight_smile:


Welp, I don’t think such a script exists, but if it does, try searching the resources section. Otherwise, you might have to write the webpage rendering method yourself. There are simple ways to open a webpage with a browser, but to basically render just the webpage actually in-game, it will require more work to develop. You should probably look into the BGUI module for rendering text, and the Python urllib module for getting webpage info from URLs. You could also look for the source to a Python webpage renderer and take the abstracted code for use.

Maybe you can utilize Berkelium? The documentation/source for Ogre3D’s Berkelium plugin might help. It seems like there should be some python interface available since someone got it running with Panda3D.