Hey there…I just wonder if there are some people out there…that would like to help me and some other guys with textures in this game.
I’m a great modeller, but I suck with photoshop and I’m not awesome at UV mapping. So if you can edit textures and UV map…and you think this would be cool. It would be great.

I won’t show you all the material we got or the site. Before we got a demo finished. So we only need one texture artist. That is really all that is missing…

Sounds like this post died fast, friend, but one question: do you need a photoshopper to help you out? :slight_smile: Just give me more details and I’ll consider :smiley:

Yeah, ok some more info then. Nevermind I’l just send you the site link so you can check it out yourself.

I’ve checked out every section of the site except for the forum due to the notice. But a request for anyone with PS experience wasn’t listed, so is there any openings for a person with my expertise? :eyebrowlift: this is my blog by the way with artwork and related tidbits :eyebrowlift:

Yeah, we need someone with photoshop skills. Someone who can edit textures…:eyebrowlift:

Yuppity, yup, yup :slight_smile: