Requesting a Mentor - Seeking quick 1on1 guidance in game asset creation. name a $


I’ve been wanting to make a certain RTS styled game for about the last 10 years, and have decided to dedicate myself to making all -if not- most of the assets for this game.

As I set out to do this, I have become stuck in the “process and order of the workflow/pipeline of steps required” to make a proper High-to-Low poly textured object for the game.
I have spent many many hours watching many different tutorials, each from different times and versions of Blender, and just can’t seem to fully understand a “CORRECT,EFFICIENT or PROPER METHOD” to achieve my current goal.

-What I’m looking for-

I would like to Skype with an experienced Blender user who is intimately familiar with the process of going from Concept/Reference to Finish with a game asset object.

This would include-
Proper High Poly modeling of 1 single “Tower” building.
Proper texturing and painting.
Proper conversion to low poly for game use.
Preferably all done in Cycles (if possible).
I should express that I am much more concerned with learning the proper method than I am with the object itself.

PM me to negotiate payments.

-The Project-

The model I made looks (OK) to me, however, I would like help rebuilding it from scratch to be optimized for UV unwrapping and set up for low poly use.

I’ve been using blender for many years now and am sure the help I need for this project could be communicated in only a day or two worth of time or less.

Any feedback or help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
-Ryan Chris-

yes you can contact me on qshukla99ATgmailDOTcom

Feel free to contact me as well if you need any support.
[email protected]

pm sent.