Requesting advice: duplicating an object upon a sphere

Some backstory: I’m attempting to create my own rendition of an insect vessel called Lexx. This ship’s eyes reference the compound eyes from actual insects. However instead of lenses, there are metallic domes that emit energy.
What I’m trying to do is duplicate this one object to look as though many of them protrude from the surface of the larger eye structures on the ship.

Here’s the face of the ship, each eye structure on each side of the center body.

And here’s one of the domes I’d like to duplicate evenly on the surface, facing outward from the center eye structure, if that makes any sense at all.

For point of reference, here’s what I’m trying to achieve.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Look at the duplicate options such as duplifaces

I very much enjoy Lexx (actually forked out for the all series on video and then on DVD at exorbitant prices ) though I preferred Zex over Xev and the last series as I recall disappeared up its own arse)

Thank you kindly. It’s turning my PC into a furnace but this will work fine for what I’m doing.

… or simply use particle/hair system to distribute on surface/faces…

eg. distributePERface.blend (