Requesting an intro video for a youtube channel (deferred payment)

Hello there.

I’m an administrator for metal webzine and we are aiming to try and launch some official videos on our youtube page. Although we want out page to look professional with a 3D intro for our videos, we do not have the graphic design skills to create such thing (I’ve tried, and failed :smiley: ). I was wondering if anyone would like to create a 10 second 3D video introduction for our logo. This is the logo I am working with.

There will be a decent deferred payment for anyone who would like to undertake this task (after a decent introduction has been created). Depending on the quality of the final product, will determine how generous I am with my payment (I think that’s fair) :yes:

If anyone is interested and would like more details, please don’t hesitate to contact me through pm :slight_smile: