Requesting Critique on attempt to create a photorealistic room

So I’ve worked on this for about 18 to 20 hours in total. No models were downloaded, I modeled everything myself. The textures come from though. This is my second attempt to create a photorealistic room. The light streaks on the wall are the result of a failed attempt trying to work the so called God Rays into my scene.

Any feedback, positive or negative, is greatly appreciated. Tell me what aspects you like and what aspects definitely need improvement


I think the lighting is well done in the scene, there is enough contrast. Seems to me that this is a blender internal render… right?
I don’t see refraction in the glasses and maybe to could use more gloss?
The wall looks good, only if I look a bit longer then I start to see the pattern.
There is no gloss on the desk, and no bump. The color of the wood looks a bit to gray to me.
I love the lighting and all the colors ( I call it wet colors, don’t know why), which I still cannot get like this in Cycles.

Nice start. I agree with robwesseling on most parts. I think however the glasses need to had a solidify modifier applied to them as well. Perhaps, of you want them clear (and the gray tone may be what you’re going for) you should move the color slider to the top. Blender does not give a true white as a default color on the shaders.
Keep up the good work.