Requesting Critique on this image

Greetings, after some time learning blender I started creating my own image.
My goal is to improve my skills and I’m looking for critiques to understand how to improve myself and create better works :yes:

I recently ended this, some critique?


Hey :slight_smile: I’m assuming you cell-fractured this correct? I think that the shatter pattern looks a little too uniform and unrealistic. Glass usually spiderwebs in a little bit of a different fashion (cue reference images) As you can see, the glass is deformed and has a bit of a different look towards the shatter point, and also the pieces gradually get bigger the farther you go away from the point of impact. I would also advise modifying the material of the sides of the glass shards to a darker, bluer tone as seen in the picture linked above. Also, some particles or fine grained glass spreading out from the point of impact (as seen in BlenderGuru’s glass tut) would help sell it. Other than that, its looking very good :slight_smile:

Edit: In terms of composition, have you heard of the rule of thirds? It would be interesting to see if you put the center of the baseball on one of the upper intersections and see if the image looks better. Once again, I suggest looking into BlenderGuru’s composition tutorial!

Thanks cpfeiffer :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: As always, Reference photos will be your best friends!

I suspect the reference photo glass is being shattered by a bullet. The difference is all the force is applied to a point on the glass. With a baseball strike, the ball will also deform, flattening out at the point of impact. So you’ll get an area, maybe a couple of centimeters in diameter, where flat ball presses on flat glass, the force on the glass will be uniform, so that bit won’t deform and shatter. The spiderweb cracks would start at the perimeter of that flat area, and might extend inward a bit to crack the flat portion, but it won’t have any circumferential shattering inside that small circle.

Also, since the ball is traveling slower than the bullet, more of the glass will deform (paradoxically) before the ball breaks through and the stress on the glass is relieved. So the circumferential shattering will produce larger shards for a baseball than for a bullet, and a larger hole (in proportion to the diameter of the ball) in the glass. A rifle bullet will make a hole not much larger than itself, while a handgun will make a hole maybe twice as large as the caliber of the gun. A baseball will make a hole five or six times it’s diameter, while a softball might take out the whole window (assuming it’s going fast enough to actually go through the glass.)

Here’s another reference.

It seems to me that there is no entry/exit hole so it may be that someone hit with a hammer anyways but spot on with everything else. Didn’t think of that I guess