Requesting Features

I am new here - so I ask, because I read this on
“Requesting Features
Blender has really magnitudes of more users than people who are involved with making it. That makes handling feature requests … nearly impossible.

As alternatives we like to mention:
Make sure your proposal is documented and published in public. Post this on the appropriate public lists, or on public forums (such as”

So, I write my Little Features Request here:
Blender has a nice “Statusline” in the head with Infos about objects and so on.

But in modeler Modus, it would be very useful to see, what are selected (how many Points, faces …). Other 3D-applications have this Feature - it is simple - and helpful, I think.
What you mean?

In edit mode the status bar does tell you how many vertices/edges/faces you have currently selected

yes I was blind - thank you.