Requesting Tutorials? - Ask here!

I have seen many users asking for tutorials (and support sadly, we do have supportforum for each category! go check the forum to find a proper one!).

The rules how it works in this forum for Tutorials, is that all threads must be approved, and is not seen in public at all before that…and if they aren’t Tutorials, they will get deleted, and so I have done too many already. I got an idea to put up a sticky thread for Requesting Tutorials, since this is the best place to ask :slight_smile:

So if you have any request of Tutorials, post them in this thread, and NOT in new threads!


Oops . . . my bad :o Anyway, it’s not really a request for a tutorial, but a request on where to find the tutorial. I am looking for the “Modelling a Girl’s Head” tutorial as found on this page. As you can see, the provided link leads only to an error. This tutorial looks quite promising. If someone could direct me to an alternate location for this tutorial, or a similar tutorial, I would be very greatful. Thanks again~

Why haven’t they updated the link or removed it? You can find the tutorial here. I recommend TorQs tutorial more cause you won’t get good geometry with this tutorial, it won’t look good when you animate it.

Thank you. This will be my first time doing organic modelling :smiley: The main reason I wanted to see that tutorial is because I’m not sure how to wrap the face around to create the whole head.

Is there a tut that describes the diffrences between good an bad geometry for animating. Comparing types of head construction for example, or bad loops and poles effects on movement and mapping?

I would love to see a tutorial on Bullet physics, I would love to make tumbling brick walls etc. as animations but I’m not sure how you integrate the game stuff into an animation.

@ David Mcsween:

Look under the “simulation Baking” header. =)

I would like to see an tutorial on how to model an house that would be good.

This is probably not the kind of houses you wanted to model but I think you can apply the same tecnique on other building: A Barn and A simple castle. [Edit] I fixed the barn tutorial link. At a start I thought the lightwave tutorial would be good but I changed my mind when i read it.[/EDIT]

There i have to start to learning Phyton on blender, there will be good start :)?

Oooh . . . I would also like a Python tutorial.

that house tutorial is for lightwave not blender which i have not got i thought id’e point it out.

just cus its for lightwave doesnt mean u cant do it in blender.

Ooh, my bad I linked to the wrong one. I will fix it.

There is someone who work on a beginners guide to Python. It’s not the tutorial but you can take a look at how it’s going here. That project doesn’t even have an own page so let’s hope that’s because he who do it is too busy to write his process, and not because he haven’t started.

Is there any tutorials on making realistic clothes, i’ve tried using the soft body tool but im having problems with it.:confused:

composite lighting would be a nice addition

Rexprime, wot do mean by ‘composite lighting’? Maybe there already is just by a different name?

making of ludwig tutorial. that would be [email protected]

I think a step-by-step blender focused game character tutorial would be great. Yes, i realize there are one or two low-poly character tutes…but there really low poly and, well, not so pretty…And all the ones online tend to have steps like “Now move these verticies however you want and make them look good”, or use tools that blender doesn’t have.(Joan of Ark tut.) The tutorial i would be looking for, would be step by step, and give each step exactly. The final model would be somewhere between 2000 and 3000 polys.