Requests for the Free BGE text tutorial index

(achisp) #1

Dear Blender artists friends.

I have the idea to make a “Free BGE text tutorial index”.
The idea is to make two threads, one named “Free BGE text tutorial index” and the other “Requests for the Free BGE text tutorial index”.

Every one who has written or will recommend a/some free text tutorial(s) in english for the BGE (or a website containing some of them) can enter it/them in the index by writing a post to this thread here.
It would be fine if the request contains - additional to the link to the tutorial - , the name of the tutorial and of the author(s), the Blender version which is used/for which it is, if it contains blends, and/or pictures (for each: yes/no) - optional: textures, … - , and a brief description of maximum 300 characters (The word ‘Citation’ as indicator doesn’t count).
I would use the sended link to look at the tutorial and to add it with the previous mentioned data to the “Free BGE text tutorial index”, if a text tutorial at that link exists and if it is readable/usable FOR FREE and without passport or be member of something.NOTE : This index will not admit/contain video tutorials, because I haven’t the time and the energy to cover it.

Now I have posted the thread “Free BGE text tutorial index”.
Please send all your requests, commentaries etc related with it to the thread “Requests for the Free BGE text tutorial index” (the one you are reading now), so the index will stay uniform without interruptions. Thanks.

I will sort the “Free BGE text tutorial index” by themes and the content of the themes by used Blender version. Each tutorial entry would consist of the name of the tutorial, the link to it and the data mentioned above (author’s name, Blender version, …, brief description).

I will use ‘request#x’ in the thread “Free BGE text tutorial index” to indicate if an entry have a post in the “Request for the Free BGE text tutorial index” related with it, which will be p.e. in the case if the entry is sended by someone to the later mentioned thread, to add it to the index. (if the entry doesn’t exist yet and isn’t in the request thread yet). (x = number(s) of the indicated post(s))

I hope it will help.

(Nicholas_A) #2

I think this is a great idea!

(John_tgh) #3

This would be great! It’s a pain to hunt down some of the older tutorials xD

(achisp) #4

Thanks for your support for the proposal.
The idea is that the people send me the link to the tutorial(s) - if it not their own, I think it’s o.k. - and I put them in the index thread to have an uniform index without interruptions with other things and the people can scroll through searching.
I would also put some in which i like much, but aren’t made by me.


(alabd14313) #5

OK. I’m game. but nobody is in game !
There is a good text book. here you are:

(achisp) #6

Thanks alabd14313.
It seems to be great. I never saw it before.
I will start the “Free BGE text tutorial index” soon and put it in, but before I’m waiting for an answer to a technical problem related with the index thread.

(Lostscience) #7

Markus Haudum he is the mod.So i think he made this tutorial.

(achisp) #8

Hello Lostscience.
Thanks a lot for the link and the author’s name.
I put it in “Modeling, Game asset”
I don’t found a .blend or textures, can you help me if I’m right ?
My laptop is very slow and searching through the pages needs a lot of time.

(Lostscience) #9

The blendfile is on this page.

(achisp) #10

Thanks a lot, Lostscience.
I will change it.

Edit 2017-02-04:
I put the link in ### Game graphics, Tile-based ### with the title “A simple Jet blend for generating game sprites and how to use it”.

(kat-II) #11

Hoi hoi… a number of the links are generating 404 errors (page not found) so they’ll need to be double-checked (a couple have “Author:” accidentally appended which is breaking them).

(achisp) #12

I’m sorrying.
I have taken back the link to “Collision meshes & Game models” from the post
I don’t know another way to solve it.
If I paste the address in the URL field of my browser, it works, but from the post it doesn’t.


Edit 2017-01-30, 18:50
I paste the adress another time to the post, this time without ‘http://’ infront and now it works. Probably it is because I have “Automatically parse links in text” enabled in this thread.
I hope it helps

(achisp) #13

Hello kat-II.
Today it happens again that a URL has cause an 404 errors while I was editing a post.
Now it seems to be clear to me, what happens. The word ‘Author’ from the line beneath
the URL in the entries of the index sometimes join the URL and is converted to be a part of it,
while I’m saving the post. In that cases to delete afterwards the word ‘Author’ from the URL
seems to be insufficient, I have to replace the whole URL with a fresh one.
I’m sorry to cause that trouble. Thank you for your advice.

(achisp) #14

I put the link in ### Game graphics, Tile-based ###

(achisp) #15

Congratulations “Why is the Blender Game Engine difficult to maintain ?” by Moguri is the 100. entry.
Good luck

(achisp) #16

Dear Friends.
I like to write about my relation with the “Free BGE text tutorial index”.
For me it started in 2015 as I began to collect tutorials about Blender 3D, BGE, Python and related. I have no internet at home and use public locations to surf in it. So I saved all I liked on a USB stick and at home on the hard drive of my PC.
About a half year ago, I made an index for me of this database.
Btw., I use Docfetcher to search in my database. It creates and uses search engine indices of selected directories on storage devices and searches for words in files and filenames. You can read the found documents in it with the searched word highlighted and a function to jump from one to the next highlighted word. (If you use Windows, I recommend “Inforapid” (free for private use). It has nearly the same features.)
And I use the Gnome Search tool to search words of file names, if I search certain files.
To backup my files I use rsync. How to use it I learned from the “Linux Cookbook” by Carla Schroder, loan in your library.

The idea to make the “Free BGE text tutorial index” came in my mind reading the thread “Proposal: Kickstarter for tutorials”, especially post#35 .

That was some days or a week before I posted the thread “Idea to make a Free BGE text tutorial index”, now renamed to “Request for the Free BGE text tutorial index”.Citation from “Idea to make a Free BGE text tutorial index”:
“For the moment I haven’t made the thread “Requests for the Free BGE text tutorial index”, so please send your request to this one. If there will be one request, I will post a “Free BGE text tutorial index” thread to separate the Requests from the index. And I will rename this thread to “Requests for the Free BGE text tutorial index”.”

This paragraph is deleted now (and saved here), the rest of the first post of that thread hasn’t change so much. Well, I substituted the paragraph from above with another, and I updated my idea with the thoughts (received) after the initial idea.

Finally I like to mention that editing the “Free BGE text tutorial index” for me is part of the process to learn, do and document the making of a video game with the BGE.
So long.

(achisp) #17

Congratulations “FPS Noob tut site” by shmunkyman33 is the 200. entry.
Good luck

(achisp) #18

Dear Blender friends.

I have transformed to BGE 2.74 the script of the blend attached to post#4 of agoose77 in the thread “How to make an object face the direction of the mouse on screen”, started by gecube88.

# BGE 2.74
import bge

controller = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
owner = controller.owner
import Rasterizer
mouse = controller.sensors["mouse"]
owner.position = mouse.hitPosition

To transform the other two codes of the thread to 2.7 (Not tested):
Add to the code of post#7 “import bge” and replace “GameLogic” with “bge.logic” and “OBEmpty” with “Empty”.
Replace in the code of post#8 “import GameLogic” with “import bge” and “GameLogic” with “bge.logic”.


(achisp) #19

Dear Blender friends

I have transformed to BGE 2.74 the script of the two blends attached to the posts of andrew-101 in the thread “Mouse movement”, started by rennurb3000.

# BGE 2.74
import bge
import Rasterizer

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

over = cont.sensors["over"]
lClick = cont.sensors["lClick"]

if over.positive and lClick.positive:
    pos = over.hitPosition
    own.position = [pos[0],0,pos[2]]

If you replace the script in the two blends with it, they should work.

The other code in post#2:

# BGE 2.74
import bge

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner

mouse = cont.sensors["mouse"]

mouse_x = mouse.position[0]
mouse_y = mouse.position[1]

The code in post#5:

# BGE 2.74
import bge

cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner



(achisp) #20

Dear Blender artists friends.

Each post can hold approx. max. 16 “Free BGE text tutorial index entries”. If a post is full, I have to add a new one. But the new one doesn’t appear beneath the full post, but beneath the last post. So I have to rise the new post by copying the contents of the previous post to it. Then I can use the previous post as empty/new post. This procedure I have to repeat till the post is beneath the full post. Then I can add the new entry to it.
To make the procedure more efficient and convenient, I add various new/empty posts at once and rise them together, before a post is full. I place the empty posts beneath the posts which will be full in a near future. But I don’t add new entries, I only cut and paste a part of the content of the nearly full posts to the empty posts.

If I add new posts to the “Free BGE text tutorial index”, the thread rises to the first place in the Resources Forum, but if I add new entries, it won’t, because I add them by editing the existing posts.

I mark in the overview of each page of the index if I have added a new entry the same day. Most of the time, but not on Sundays and local festivities, I replace at the next day [NEW ENTRY] with the date of the entry and the day after there is no more mark for this entry.