Requirements for perfect portfolio for Gnomon?

I’d really like to know what are particular portfolio for admission in Gnomon is acceptable or not.
Biggest question that I’ve come across is: Is my portfolio acceptable?

I know and have read the portfolio guidelines for various programs being provided by Gnomon which is great.But how can a particular individual know if he/she can get into Gnomon without applying first and getting rejected for a non advised portfolio?

So my request to all the Blender artists is we should create a community,even a small one to fulfil this demand?
Thanks for your precious time!:slightly_smiling_face:

Show your folio to everyone & anyone (forget your fears and ego) - Time waits no one!
Intelligence… the faster you fail, faster you’ll pick up, learn and get up to date and on with the specs.
It’s how we all get to know what really matters… unless it anti-matters :stuck_out_tongue:

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