Requirements to play a BGE game

I finally tested my game on 3 different computers, 2 were laptops and one was a
desktop, 2 were running win xp and the one laptop was windows 7. On the laptops my program woked great, no problems On the win xp laptop I could actually add about double the objects than on my computer before it slowed down
On the last computer i tried which is a desktop win xp, all i get is a background color (which
is more greenish than the game’s background color) and some pebble objects. That’s it,
no sound nothing. The console showed no errors and I don’t know what kind of card it has.
I know what graphics card is needed to develop a game with BGE what I want to know
What are the requirements to play a BGE game. That will be helpful


Well with Windows, most of the graphics cards made from 2005 should work–if they are updated. NVIDIA is one of the more powerful brands, it seems, and you should not have a problem with the 5500-6000 series–again, unless you need updates. Radeons are also fine, but I am not clear on what works there. If you have a graphics card form a bygone era or of an unknown make, you may have no hope. By the way, Windows device manager should show you what you have.

If you get nothing even with this advice, look at this like a chance to upgrade my friend. Get Direct X 11 support, an HD monitor, and some other toys, too.

Not sure if you fully understood, On my computer it works great as well, I was just wondering what the requirements are needed to play a BGE game on another computer so you can let people know what they would need to play it.


Requirements to play any game on any engine is mostly game dependent.
One can make BGE game that runs on 486 pc with 64mb ram(I’ve done that) and other game that needs i7 with GTX480 to run, so your question is not specific enough.
The workflow in most cases is to test your game on alot pc configs(and consider not only win versions,but video card prcessor and ram) and from gathered data make your own minumum requirements for your own game.

Perhaps you should consider your problem like this: If it runs on computers with hardware that is outdated, people who cannot play because of even more outdated hardware cannot complain–they NEED to upgrade. If your game is so massive it takes more power, just send people your hardware setup info and collect theirs. You can interpolate what works and what doesn’t, then.

If you use GLSL and it is not supported you might see rubbish on the screen. I’m not sure if that is the case.