Requiring a 3D artist and 2D artist for a project

(OfficialRYz) #1

Hi I’m Ry and I’m currently creating a large project in Unity and blender with some friends, and we require some 3d and 2d art for our game. We would require several files, from 3d rooms and basic characters to basic logos and shapes. We are willing to make an agreement where if we were to make X amount of profit than we can have a contract to state you will be credited and receive a payment. You will be credited in the project. As we are hoping to create many projects in the future we would like to have anyone of any expertise offer there help as we may want to keep you for the future. It will be fun to work with you and we will be communicating through discord on a regular basis. Im hoping to create a good friendship as well as a possible graphic designer for my future projects. It will be a long project but there is currently no end date as such, we would like to spend a good 4-6 months on the project that is already in progress. Rather than rushing the idea.

It doesn’t matter on the skill or type of person volunteering, we would like to welcome anyone to the team.

Please message me with a portfolio or your most recent work.

I can’t guarantee any payment or profit from the result but would really like to have an extra member in the team to have a laugh with whilst working on projects.

The most important thing to me is everyone has a good time and feels welcome whilst working together.

Thank you… If you have any questions please let me know and don’t hesitate.


(abraham111) #2

my name is Abraham Wondafrash and i am from Ethiopia.
i started learning blender 10 months ago and i am still learning it.
i am very desperate in working a real project so i would be very happy to work even without payment at the bigginning.

(CultLess Studios) #3

Hi Ryz

I’m using Blender now for one year and would be interested helping you and having fun to realize some projects. I’m focused on doing modeling, texturing, compositing and did some logo animations. Would be great to hear from you. Here’s a link to my latest project I was doing:

Steampunk Lamp


(Zeke Suwaratana) #4

Hi there! I’m looking to expand my portfolio, and get a bit of a name for myself. As such I don’t ask for any money. Here’s my portfolio so far if you’re interested!

(Hullal Miah) #5

I might be interested been using blender for a couple of years.

(Hullal Miah) #6

I also have a sketch fab

(aziu3) #7

Hi, I’m intterested in cooperation, here’s my portfolio: Aziucg’s 3D models - Sketchfab

(KennyL) #8

Hi, I’m Kenny and I’m interested to join your project as 2D artist if still available. Thanks~

Kenny’s portfolio


Hi! I’m interested in joining if space is still available. I’m a 3D modeler in Blender with some experience in Unity as well.

(royor) #10

hi i’m interested to join you can check my portfolio. I am more on environment creation.

(João Lucas Cruz) #11

hey man, do u need someone ? maybe i can help.