Rerendering only part of animation

I have a 1000 frame animation that I’m syncing to sound. I output to avi codec, and then I add sound in windows media maker. After rendering it, I want to tweak a small part here and there affecting maybe only 100 of those frames. Is there any way to rerender just those 100 frames but still getting an avi with all 1000 frames?


Not once you’ve rendered to a movie format (maybe in apps like VirtualDub). Most people working with that amount of frames render to an Image format so that, if anything untoward happens, you can go back and rerender only those frames. Later, when everything’s good, that sequence can then be rendered to a movie format in the Sequence Editor.


Of course, if you want to be tricky about it, you could always set the start and end frame numbers to render the 100 or so you need, render them to a seperate AVI and then cut that back into the main inside Media Maker, but you won’t have a complete continuous sequence if you want to use something else like Quicktime of Vitrual Dub etc.

Thanks for your quick response.

You set me on the right path as well.

Possible solution (I might have forgotten a step):

  • Render your movie to images (targa/jpg)
  • Open a new blender file to use to generate the movie
  • Go to video sequence editor
  • Select “Add->Images”
  • Select all the images created by your movie (you can shift+left-click and drag to speed things up)
  • Place it at frame 1
  • In the output->format panel, set your output to avi codec (or whatever movie format you want)
  • In anim panel, click on the Do Sequence button so that it is enabled
  • Set the end value in the same panel to match that of your movie
  • Hit Anim button to create movie, this should now be significantly faster than rendering the whole thing from scratch.
  • Save this blender file

If you now need to change a few frames, do so in the original blender file, render just those frames to images by setting start end in the anim panel. Open the blender file created above and hit anim to create new movie.

An edited version of this could maybe be included in the manual as a tip or howto item?