Resdiential exterior in South Of France

Residential building is based on one of the images found at (search for Fehlman Estate)

Workbench rendering - a s you can see everything is a geo, even ducks swimming in the river, I have modeled in 10 minutes.

This is my totaly private project, created to improve skill.
I have used Botanique Lite plants, and some assets from Scatter 5.
Scan in the front (stone beach) is from Mixer.
Most of the textures are my own, I painted some object using Substance Painter. Several textures have been created from photos using Substance Sampler and PixPlant.
For lighting I have used hdri map only, that you can get from here:
HDRI Sky 107 - 20K Dome HDRI and 14 backplates - HDRMAPS™

It took my 12 minutes to render scene, at 8K resolution and 512 samples on single RTX 3090.

Post production : Lightroom + Luminar (that rays from left side)

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