Research Project for School. Need help.

Hi guys,

im not sure if this is the right spot to put this. For school I am required to do a research project, and one of the capabilities I am exploring is critical and creative thinking. This means I must make surveys and analyse the results given. Id be grateful if you could participate in it and ask your friends to aswell! (its only a few questions)



DOne the survey. Glad to help a fellow belnderer out!

Done. Interesting questions, particularly #2. The game design artist does none of those things. They aren’t his role.

… whereas I took a broader perspective and said, “with a couple of exceptions (legal), possibly ‘all of the above.’” The word used was “game designer,” not "game design artist,"​ and this motivated my response. Team members might have to wear a number of different hats, especially on a small development team, although none of them would be qualified to be attorneys nor would they likely be marketers.

(One thing to bear in mind when interpreting the results, Fire, is how the respondent interpreted the question. You know what you intended, but the respondent does not.)