ResEdit AIM update

Anybody know how to use ResEdit to tweak/hack AOL to customize the pics and stuff? (aol for pc)

Anyother usefull resedit tips? Here’s my contribution:
Windows Tweaks

hacked aim

I’ve used resedit for the mac. I think the aol version for mac you right-click on the app and show the package contents and there are image resources you can mess about with in there.

Normally there is a separate file now called local.rsrc that you open in resedit and the resource is contained in the data fork. I imagine that Windows uses the old method like the old mac system did where you open the application in resedit. Some mac apps still do this.

If so, make sure you edit the resource fork and not the data fork. Look for the resource called PICT I think it is and the images are usually stored there. It may be that when you installed AOL that it puts image resources elsewhere on your machine so check install logs and user preferences to see where AOL looks for resources.

How do I check install logs?
I did find one file that had the bitmap of some of the buttons but that was it.

I don’t think there is a standard place for install logs, applications dump them wherever they want. Usually it’s in the directory where the application installs itself.

The easiest way to find anything related to an app is to search (including invisible items) for files that have the app name in the title. AOL is quite easy because it’s short so the developers would probably name a lot of their files with aol in the title. Just search your hard drive for everything AOL.

Did you open the aol app in resedit already? If so, what abbreviations were at the side. like MENU, PICT etc?

Ok I must really missing something here - ResEdit is a program made by Apple that runs only on Macs, yet this guy’s using it on a PC?!? :o

Clarification please.

sorry, I meant resource hacker, which is the same thing but works on windows :smiley:

Well I fixed AIM

use trillian pro. :slight_smile:

Nah I think i’ll just use the free trillian, I’m not made of money

Use miranda, it rules